Culture Excellence


CEX is when chosen value statement is what actually is going on in the organization! When beautiful words are aligned with the behaviour and decisions. Culture is the manifestation of values, who we are and how we do things. Values are guiding principles to achieve a culture.


Organizations need to have a certain culture that enables their vision and goals to be realized.  There will always be culture, the question is if it’s the culture that is in accordance with the chosen values.

Culture is the great differentiator. In a world of choice and hyper competition, where products and services can be copied, culture is what sets companies apart. Culture lays the foundation for effectiveness, quality and innovation. Also culture is what attract talent, partners and customers on a long term basis.


So why arn’t values and culture always the same? There are many reasons for this but if there is one major it would be:

Leaders are not living the values.


  • It is hard to get a culture in place!
  • It is hard revitalize a culture!
  • It is hard changing a corporate culture!

Some of the pit falls are:

  • Unrealistic pre-conditions.
  • Unclerar starting point.
  • Over-confidence in the will to change and not taking into consideration possible counterforces.
  • Undefined purspose and unclear goals.
  • Values not clearly defined and too open for interpretations.
  • Weak planning of the process from start to a new culture.
  • Lack of feedback.
  • No consequenses if people don’t adapt to the values.
  • Employees not invited to partipacte in the execution.
  • Old systems, structures and processes lives on.
  • Management do not ”live” the values.
  • The change team does not evoke engagement.
  • Lack of perseverance.
  • Values do not reach all the way out.
  • To long from start to early signs of change.
  • Lack of customer focus.
  • Different underlying cultures.
  • Only intellect and logic, lack of heart and passion.


Well, one way to start is reverse the challenges mentoined above!

Getting there is about four different phases with different focus:

  1. Planning
  2. Leadership
  3. Employees
  4. External communication

Changing a culture is about integrating the values in the processes and functions in the organization. Here are 10 keys:

  1. Define.
  2. Recruite.
  3. Teach.
  4. Empower.
  5. Design.
  6. Communicate.
  7. Measure.
  8. Reward.
  9. Develop.
  10. Live it!

Successful CULTURE EXCELLENCE begins with the inspiration and motivation to change and to develop.