”I´m not driving a bus, I give people a better day. I don´t see them as passengers but my guests which turns me into a host making my job really great”, says Peyman Nawab in one of Jan´s stories from the real world.

This inspiring, thoughtful and entertaining keynote is about greeting, meeting and treating everyone with respect, dignity and care and thereby creating value for the customer, our colleagues, the company and for oneself.

The keynote is full of stories and examples from the real world combined with what research shows. The audience will be inspired to welcome everyone, always.

This keynote is for employees or leaders in any position in the organization.

The keynote includes:

  • The beautiful art of making people feel welcome.

  • Greeting, meeting and treating people with respect, dignity and compassion.

  • Four dimensions: Being the host, being the guest, welcoming the natural world and welcoming oneself.

  • Seven foundations of a welcoming mindset: Service, Responsibility, Care, Wholeness, Curiosity, Dialogue and Joy.

  • Things great hosts do every day.

  • The rewards of a welcoming mind.

What people say after this keynote:

”It became all to clear if it’s going to be – it’s up to me”

”So thoughtful, funny and true”

”I will always wear my turquoise lenses”


Jan gunnarsson bemötande keynote service management

”Your insights and experiences on human interactions and relationships are things we will carry with us in the future – it will make a difference for real!”                                                                                                          Daniel Olsson, Executive Vice President Capio Proximity Care

bemötande keynote föreläsning boka


”We are operating 20 elderly homes in the region. Every year we make a survey asking our guests about their experience. One of the questions is what they think about the food. We get the same result every time, 25% of the homes say they love the food, 50% say it´s ok and 25% of the homes say they don´t like it. And it´s the same food, cooked in a central kitchen…” HR Director at a Municipality.

This keynote is for leaders and puts a clear focus on creating a culture where the chosen values are manifested in who we are and how we do what we do.

The keynote includes:

·      Why culture is the foundation for success.

·      Welcoming employees so they will welcome customers.

·      Challenges. Why Culture Excellence is not happening.

·      The 10 keys for creating a sustainable and powerful culture.

·      The art of being a role model.

What people have said after this keynote:

”I really appreciated the 10 keys, it helps me review what I do!”

”Before the keynote my mindset was that my employees served me, now I see it the other way around”

”So much energy, so inspiring and most of all it was so relevant for my work”

”It´s great to hear that there still are areas where I can improve!