The Niagara Region Public Health Department in Ontario, Canada had a remarkable full day of Hospitality with Jan Gunnarsson. An inspirational and humorous lecture set an energizing tone for the morning and was followed by a workshop to share insights from all employees.   After lunch, Jan facilitated a small group session for our leadership team which placed the concepts of Hospitality within our specific context.  Public Health was delighted to “host” participants from local municipal government, healthcare sector, and education sector to attend the opening lecture. Spontaneous feedback from participants at all three sessions has been heartfelt and very positive. Hospitality will add a special dimension to our work and our workplace. 

Valerie Jaeger, MD, PhD, MPH, Medical Officer of Health, Niagara Region Public Health

”We were very happy with Jan´s presentation. Being a company putting people first, we are always looking for new perspectives on how to develop ourselves, and lead ourselves. The day with Jan certainly lived up to our high expectations as an excellent speaker with a lot of inspiration.” 

Johanna Jaktman and Kai Peper, IKEA

”Your insights and experiences on human interactions and relationships are things we will carry with us in the future – it will make a difference for real!”

Daniel Olsson, Executive Vice President Capio Proximity Care

“Wow, what a great talk! It expanded the way we see customer care, culture, leadership and personal responsibility. So inspiring and thoughtful. Everyone was really enthusiastic after the hour with Jan on stage!”

Per Thorstenson, CEO Arlanda Express