About Hostship

For many years I thought about why I returned to certain people. It could be a fruit vendor, a nurse I felt a special trust in. A boss I enjoyed working with. Every time I met one of them, something happened. The concern, or question, I carried was answered in a way that made me believe in the answer. And it became a meeting between two people instead of me being a co-worker, customer or patient. I felt more like a guest, where they invited me to join them and were keen for me to succeed in what I was doing.

They act like hosts, it struck me one day, hosts practicing hostship. Then all the people they meet naturally become their guests.

I define hostship as the art of making people feel welcome.

It is an art to create beautiful encounters, which requires an artist. It’s about receiving, taking the initiative so that colleagues, friends, neighbours, customers, strangers and others feel they are being met with genuine care, that they are expected.

An art that begins with welcoming ourselves and everything within us that together make up a make a self, only then will we meet the world with genuine hostship.

That is something worth working for!