”The most fun thing I know is to inspire and encourage people to see new perspectives, to contribute to important conversations and to make participants feel validated and valued.”

Inspiration, competence and conversation

Inspiration is the creation of desire, insight and will to do something. Competence is the development of skills and the acquisition of tools and modules to turn thoughts into reality. In my lectures I want to invite conversation and reflection, in an exploration that feels important to the participants.

My lectures are experienced as:

  • Developmental. Raising awareness of the importance of community, care, value creation and collaboration. Gives new perspectives and some “aha-moments”.
  • Informed. Based on available research and own experiences.
  • Entertaining. Stories about people and situations. Laughter, joy with a twinkle in the eye.
  • Inviting. Inviting conversation and reflection.
  • Enduring. Thoughts that participants take with them that later can be applied to their work and everyday life.
  • Encouraging. Contributes to increased job satisfaction, pride and meaning in the work. Participants feel valued and that they are “taken seriously” without being singled out!

Below are examples of some of my basic lectures, which can be adapted to different situations and needs in conversation with the client.


Hostship for everyone

The art of making people feel welcome

Target group:
Anyone in an organisation where the human encounter is an important factor for success

– To approach people with dignity, respect and genuine care at all times
– Hostship is an art, the practitioner an artist
– Good guestship, our role and responsibility as guests
– Key skills to make people feel welcome
– The art of being in a welcoming state

45-180 minutes (the more time, the more conversation and dialogue)

Download a detailed description of the lecture here!

Hostship for leaders

Leadership for a welcoming culture

Target audience:
Leaders and managers in organisations where human relations are a success factor

– On the difference between values and culture
– The role, responsibilities and forms of leadership
– The emotional factor is everything
– The art of inspiring others
– Keys to an inclusive and welcoming culture
– Leading as a host for increased effectiveness and self-perservation

45-180 minutes (the more time, the more conversation and dialogue)

Download a detailed description of the lecture here!

Hostship for trainers

It is extremely rewarding and fulfilling to be a Hostship Trainer! You will grow as a person, help others to do so and ensure that the organisation has a welcoming and inclusive culture.

This is for those who want to work with hospitality as an inspirer, coach and trainer, internally in their own business or as a consultant, lecturer, trainer, etc.

Together we will explore areas such as:

  • Deepening the subject of hostship, the art of making people feel welcome
  • The role of the hostship trainer
  • Inspiring and engaging others in hostship
  • Writing and speaking about hostship
  • Giving a lecture on hostship
  • Hosting a workshop on hostship
  • Communicating and “selling” hostship
  • Administration and finance as a hostship trainer

During a number of sessions each year, you can develop your skills and abilities as a Hostship Trainer together with others. Contact me for more information about the next course!

You or your group can receive individual advice and mentoring to succeed as a Hostship Trainer. Contact me and we will have a conversation about how you can develop your skills.


The Niagara Region Public Health Department in Ontario, Canada had a remarkable full day of Hostmanship with Jan Gunnarsson. An inspirational and humorous lecture set an energizing tone for the morning and was followed by a workshop to share insights from all employees.   After lunch, Jan facilitated a small group session for our leadership team which placed the concepts of Hostmanship within our specific context.  Public Health was delighted to “host” participants from local municipal government, healthcare sector, and education sector to attend the opening lecture. Spontaneous feedback from participants at all three sessions has been heartfelt and very positive. Hostmanship will add a special dimension to our work and our workplace. 

– Valerie Jaeger, MD, PhD, MPH, Medical Officer of Health, Niagara Region Public Health

We were very happy with Jan’s presentation. Being a company putting people first, we are always looking for new perspectives on how to develop ourselves, and lead ourselves. The day with Jan certainly lived up to our high expectations as an excellent speaker with a lot of inspiration.

Johanna Jaktman and Kai Peper, IKEA

Your insights and experiences on human interactions and relationships are things we will carry with us in the future – it will make a difference for real!

Daniel Olsson, Executive Vice President Capio Proximity Care

Wow, what a great talk! It expanded the way we see customer care, culture, leadership and personal responsibility. So inspiring and thoughtful. Everyone was really enthusiastic after the hour with Jan on stage!

Per Thorstenson, CEO Arlanda Express

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