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Nearly 100 000 people have been inspired to adopt a welcoming attitude after having read this book! It has undergone a significant re-write since the original version, being extended with the story of Peyman, the bus driver from Umeå, who with his natural Hostmanship makes his passengers’ day a better one – every day! A fun-filled and thought-provoking book, full of remarkable stories. You’ll certainly recognize yourself – there are examples from many different situations and work environments.

This is what readers have said: “This book was a wake-up call for me! If you look after your guest, your guest will look after you!”
This is what the Swedish author Jan Gunnarsson says about the book: “I could say that this book literally changed my life. Since its publication I’ve been like a travelling salesman in Hostmanship. I’ve addressed tens of thousands of people in every imaginable location, both in Sweden and abroad. I’ve stood in churches, in a lighthouse and any number of town halls around the country in front of leaders and co-workers from the private and public sectors. One day they might be phone engineers, piping wholesalers or doctors in the audience, and the next day maybe marketing people, a management group or some freshly-qualified students. An audience whose experience spans from the biggest companies to fledgling sole-trader companies. Everywhere I’ve been I’ve met so many wonderful and professional people who’ve shared their thoughts around the concept of good Hostmanship.”

The book was written by Jan Gunnarsson and Olle Blohm. Now in print for the fourth time in a somewhat updated edition. The book first came out in May 2002, and forms the basis for several of our seminars and is already being used in different courses around Sweden.



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From Boss to Host is a unique, fresh and amusing book that describes how a welcoming leadership plays a decisive role in successful businesses. Read about one day that changed the lives of five leaders and an entire business. A thought-provoking book that takes up the questions and challenges facing a business that wants to convey hostmanship.  The book is partly based on texts taken from “The Serving Leader”, and is a fantastic companion to one of our lectures or other books.




  • Business Guru Tom Peters, inspired by a book by the book Hostmanship: The Art of Making People Feel Welcome (by Jan Gunnarsson and Olle Blohm), wrote about focusing on employees rather than customers and in that way raising customer satisfaction (specifically in the hospitality industry).
    Tom H.C. Anderson
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  • David Parmenter
    David ParmenterWriter, facilitator and an international presenter.
  • Finding Jan and Olle’s wonderful book, Hostmanship, was one of those rare treats that we find in life. It is a book as real, personal, practical and profound as any you’ll ever find. To take seriously the spirit of being a Welcoming Leader is to begin to recover the human dimension of leadership and organizational life. This is such a unique and special book. It is not a book enamored with its own message. Rather it is a simple humble book of lessons learned through years of service to their “guests.”  
    Ed Brenegar
    Ed BrenegarHelping leaders and their organizations make "strategic transitions" from where they are to where they need to be in the future.
  • Service is no longer good enough. Hostmanship has raised the level of how we approach work to a new level of caring, involvement, pride, profit, and engagement. Are you ready to engage in hostmanship or are you so complacent that you will be left behind?
    David Zinger
    David ZingerEmployee Engagement Speaker
  • I think this book was amazing, simply Hostmanship is treating others with care and respect! I would highly recommend this book, it's an easy and enjoyable read!
    Alicia Elizabeth
    Alicia ElizabethAmazon reviewer
  • Jan Gunnarsson is a hospitality industry veteran from Sweden who exhibits a refreshing take upon customer service and leadership. Jan believes customer experience is not in the first place about strategies and tactics but about the attitude we bring. Jan talks about how the heart of a business is an attitude of yourself. Hostmanship is the book he wrote with Olle Blohm. Hostmanship really is about giving. It’s about sharing a part of yourself and your knowledge. Jan inspires us by the simple belief that we should never be forgetting that people who have contacted you are an extension of yourself. It is about understanding that, in that moment, you are an important part of her life. Not only because you have the answer to her question, but you are also the person she has chosen to turn to. Jan Gunnarsson will give us a completely new view upon care and upon service in healthcare.
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