Hostmanship is the art of making people feel welcome, as customers, partners and employees. A practical and well proven philosophy that help individuals and their organization to ensure a welcoming culture. Hostmanship is about seeing the person we meet not just as a customer, patient, client, student, co-worker or colleague, but as a dear guest. This “guest–host” type of approach is the starting point for developing a truly welcoming attitude. Where there is a guest, there is also a host who exercises hostmanship.

We live in a time where human relationships are more important then ever. When products, services and prices are similar, the way we greet, meet and treat customers, partners and employees is the great differentiator in creating long term success.

Enthusiastic customers are the new marketers in the interconnected world. Value adding partners are integrated in the delivery of our services. Engaged employees are more effective and focused on creating value for customers and for the company. We need to stay on our toes, be open and welcoming, always remembering that every time someone buys something or every day someone is going to work, it is a choice.