Play with the idea that you put aside everything you have learned, read and heard about leadership. And all of your own ideas and experience from it. Tutti. That you start on a completely blank sheet, with unspoiled eyes. Can you do it for a little while?

If we then look out on the world today and what is happening, what do we see?

We see a hyper competitive. From all directions and in entirely new ways. And the customers are more and more demanding. We see a fierce battle for the best talent. We live with a technology that makes the world borderless and changes everything. We see a diversity of people, ideas and forms. We see a planet that does not feel good. How people and organizations slowly begin to realize that short-term thinking is no longer sustainable. We see a change in tempo that only increases and never will go as slowly as it does now. We see a transparent world with people who are always connected and share their experiences with everyone instantly.

We see lot of new opportunities but also a host of challenges. Many people feel bad, can´t cope and experience unhealthy stress.

All this is not really what we see if we look back, though everything certainaly wasn’t better or more peaceful then.

Then we saw managers who decided, pointing with the whole hand. We saw great leaders who, with their charisma could get their followers acheive things as long as the great leader was around.

But now is now. And here you are. As head of a medical center, a hotel, a store, a school, a job center, an IT company, and thinking about how you will manage to develop the business, find, develop and retain the best talent creating successful customers, which is a prerequisite to create value in the long run for shareholders.

In this show, what role do you have? And how do you create a place where talent and customers are attracted? And how will you get out all this alive?

Some of the roles could be:

The Manager. Want subordinates?

The Leader. Do you just want followers?

The Expert. You want people who know less around you?

The highest intelligence. Do you want to surround yourself with those who can not think for themselves?

The Guru. Worshipers …?


Host. Taste it for a while.

The host of a vision. The host of a story. The host of a community, creativity and joy. The host of talent. “Welcome!” Host a place where people meet and can be people. The host of the hosts.

Now rest in your unspoiled eyes just for a little while still:

When you think of a host, maybe it sounds a little too nice, a little too soft. Someone who stands in the door and welcomes people with a big smile.

But the host is the one who sets up the party, choose the theme, select those that are invited, is looking to create a place where all these people can meet. But it is also set limits for the event, “no swimming in the pool.”

So start now write on the empty paper I asked you to do earlier.

“To lead as a host means that I …”.