”It´s magic. Every time I am in a grey mood, reaching out to others and making a difference for someone, it turns my state of mind into beautiful, harmonious, caring and welcoming turquoise.”
I´ve read some 500 books on self-improvement, philosophy, religion, psychology, etc. I have spent maybe 300 days in places like Harvard Business School Executive Education, Stanford University and spiritual retreats.
What I found is that life (this is a simplification!) is made up of three different kinds of days. The black days that we unfortunately all will experience, be it sickness, depression, death divorce, violence. These are the day we don´t choose. The other two, grey and turquoise is more a matter of choice.


To be in a state of mind is characterized by:
  • Contentment
  • Harmony
  • Positive emotions
  • Generosity
  • Carine
  • Openess
When we are in turquoise we broaden our awareness, see the larger picture.
We increase our capacity to meet challenges in life.
Being turquoise we are more authentic, what we say and do is in tune with our true self.
We are more generous, caring and welcoming. Being in a state of love than a state of fear.
When we are turquoise we are more compassionate towards others and ourselves.
We experience more moment of happiness in life.


The turquoise in us needs to be nourished and cultivated. The grey weed needs to be taken care of.
Barbara Fredricson (one of my sources of inspiration) is a Professor at University in North Carolina at Chapel Hill who during some 15 years has done research on positive emotions has concluded that we need three positive emotions in order to wrestle down one negative! She has developed a test how you stand that you can take on www.positivityratio.com
I have found some ways to ensure that I am in turquoise state of mind:
Setting right intentions. Before I ”take off” for the day going through what it important in the way I live and interact with others.
Actions. Do and say kind things to others and to myself!
Reflection. Stopping and looking at myself and my behavior once in a while.
Mindfulness and mediation practice. Taking time to just be with my thoughts and feelings and not being part of them.


Hope this is helpful!
Stay turquoise. Be brave. Take care. Have fun!